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‘Kairos (Hellenistic Greek: καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.’

Back in 2017, Tucked away in the North West of the country, 4 lads from the different regions of Liverpool decided what they were going to do to fill their time. Following in the footsteps of giants: Tom, Sam, Owen and Lewis started a band. 


The lads grew up on Liverpool's omnipresent music scene. Spending their most formative years playing in clubs synonymous with the city’s ropewalks district, such as The Zanzibar, Heebie Jeebies and The Arts Club. The focus on playing live led to the development of an atomic sound. ‘Scuzzed up, fuzzed up, Scouse Rock ‘n’ Roll” - Gigslutz 


Debut single, Money Mind, released in the summer of 2019, set a blistering benchmark for the tracks that followed - As well as establishing their proud influence in Rock music. A string of releases only convinced more people from outside the city to join the Kairo bullet train with Teetotal, Round The Bend, Time Keeper etc. With songs falling out their ears, the lads released their EP "Better Late than Never" on the 19th of May, with lead singles "Thick Of It" & "Trip Through The Night" receiving airtime on national radio (BBC Radio 1, Radio X) . A sold out, hometown headline show at Hangar 34 celebrated the reaction to the EP, and highlighted the lightning trajectory of the band so far.

Following on from a busy festival season (Isle of Wight, Bingley Weekender, Hardwick etc) the lads are geared to take their show on a 14 date UK tour from October through November. London to Glasgow, the whole shibang.

Tickets onsale nowNo Kairo No Party ✌🏼

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